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Centrica Announces Hydrogen Ready Combined Heat and Power Partnership with German Company 2G Energy AG

by | Jan 31, 2023

Centrica Business Solutions, a subsidiary of British Gas, has reached an agreement with German manufacturer 2G Energy AG to offer its clients Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems that can be powered with hydrogen in the future. The deal will see 2G technologies made available to customers in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Italy.

The CHP units by 2G have the ability to use locally produced clean hydrogen, generated through electrolysis. With over 10 million residential and commercial customers globally, Centrica’s CHP portfolio consists of over 700MW of capacity. As they provide both heat and electricity from one unit, gas-powered CHP systems are known to be more efficient than individual generators or traditional gas boilers. Furthermore, with hydrogen-ready systems, the units will have no emissions once the fuel is available.

According to Centrica, the move to hydrogen-ready CHP systems is an efficient way to not only save energy and money, but to also enhance business resilience and make progress towards corporate net zero plans. Projects can see a return on investment in fewer than 12 months.

Greg McKenna, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Our customers are fully focused on Net Zero. The partnership with 2G for Hydrogen-ready CHP engines strengthens the range of technologies we already offer to help them on the path to decarbonisation.”

Frank Grewe, 2G’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “With this step, Centrica is responding to the growing need for integrated hydrogen solutions, which are key to decarbonising the energy supply in the UK. The fact that Centrica will partner with 2G to provide its customers with highly efficient, hydrogen-ready, combined heat and power solutions, shows once again that 2G is regarded as a technology leader internationally.”

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