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Continental opens new TechCenter for hydrogen technologies in Germany

by | Jul 6, 2023

At its site in Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, Continental has opened a newly established TechCenter for hydrogen technologies that will be used by the ContiTech group as a facility to share hydrogen knowledge and expertise. The site will also enable Continental to promote innovations and existing technical solutions for hydrogen technologies.

The TechCenter provides Continental with a platform for leaders and experts within hydrogen industry to collaborate to identify technical, regulatory and infrastructural challenges within the entire hydrogen value chain.

“The gradual transition from fossil to renewable energy is not just about replacing one form of energy with another”, said Dr. Michael Hofmann, chief technology Officer at ContiTech. “Rather, the transition entails a transformation in all industries and sectors. In this context, the potential of hydrogen is enormous. In the future, it will play a crucial role in decarbonizing various industries in the production, storage and transport of green electricity. Our decades of materials expertise in a wide range of industrial applications enables us to work with partners to develop products and solutions that meet the new requirements.”

Dr. Piero Mancinelli, head of TechCenter Hydrogen Technologies, added, “We will see relevant industrial use of hydrogen as an energy carrier as early as 2030, and exponential growth in applications in the areas of industry, heat generation and mobility in the following years. This broad spectrum requires joint efforts by a wide range of players. Hamburg offers excellent conditions to develop hydrogen technologies in an overarching approach.”

On July 5th2023, Continental and Renewable Energy Hamburg Clusteragentur (EEHH) held a forum on “Hydrogen & Transportation” in Continental’s Innovation Hub at the factory premises in Hamburg-Harburg. To date, EEHH has established a network of over 100 players from within the hydrogen industry. The event – which involved more than 50 participants – provided a platform for industries and scientific institutions to network and exchange information regarding hydrogen operations.

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