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Electriq Global receives 1.1-million-euro investment to advance their innovative hydrogen powder transport technology

by | Oct 6, 2023

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has made a significant investment of 1.1 million euros to Electriq Global in order to help them advance with the construction of their hydrogen powder manufacturing plant project.

This plant is expected to begin operations in 2026 and will be focused on their innovative project of producing the solid hydrogen carrier, which is a new way of transporting hydrogen, which has been called eletriq powder.

The plant will be built on Zenith Energy Terminals grounds at the Port of Amsterdam and will be powered by Zenith Renewable energy. This was established after the 2 companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February of 2023.

The Netherland Foreign investment Agency (NFIA) brought the project to Holland, along with its Invest in Holland partner, Amsterdam inbusiness (aib). The project aligns with the Port of Amsterdam and the H2A association’s goal of transforming the port into a central hub for hydrogen carriers. Their target is to reach 1 million tons of fuel by 2030.

The Hydrogen powder is an innovative form of transporting hydrogen as a solid, it acts in a similar way to coffee powder and it looks like detergent powder. The hydrogen is released from this form and converted into electricity through a proprietary compact release unit. This has been developed through Electriq Global’s vision to create a simple form of storage carrier that is easy to transport for use in off-grid applications and will also have advantages for long-term storage. Another benefit is that it has improved safety and energy density, in comparison to compressed and liquified hydrogen.

The Head of Powder Solutions at Electriq Global, Dr. Dmitry Lisitsin, said, “This grant will enable us to continue the design and engineering of the first-of-its-kind Electriq Powder plant. Our breakthrough technology promises to significantly reduce production costs and drastically lower carbon footprint.”

Dorine Bosman, the Chief Investment Officer at Port of Amsterdam, commented, “The support granted by RVO is a great example of the close and essential collaboration between the public and private sectors, as we jointly strive for realisation of the hydrogen economy. This initiative is a testimony to our collective commitment to foster a more sustainable energy landscape in the Dutch and European markets.”

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