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Emerson and Cavendish Renewable Technology partner to accelerate hydrogen innovation

by | Jul 6, 2023

Australia-based Cavendish Renewable Technology (CRT), a startup hydrogen technology business, will utilize Emerson’s automation and software portfolio to speed up the deployment of its proprietary hydrogen production solutions.

As hydrogen continues to emerge as a viable, and most importantly, a clean source of renewable energy, an ever-increasing number of companies, industries and governments are forming partnerships to research ways in which the technology can be implemented in a safe and effective manner.

Through the recently announced agreement, Emerson will use its automation range – consisting of software, control systems, instrumentation, valves and safety solutions – within CRT’s hydrogen electrolyzers and ammonia processing technology.

“It’s going to be a golden era for hydrogen over the next decade,” said Ani Kulkarni, Ph.D., chief executive officer, CRT. “Working with Emerson will enable us to optimize and scale our operations, which will help accelerate the global adoption of hydrogen technologies to meet energy targets and reduce global emissions.”

“Emerson’s hydrogen experience and automation technology will help CRT digitalize its operations for improved safety and reliability while also accelerating the delivery of its hydrogen-based products and solutions,” said Mike Train, senior vice president and chief sustainability officer, Emerson. “Our value proposition is two-fold,” said Kulkarni. “Our proprietary electrolyzer technology will enable production of green hydrogen at scale which we aim will be cost competitive to fossil fuels, and our ammonia solution can convert ammonia directly into electricity, a one-step process that uses far less energy than converting ammonia back into hydrogen before electricity is produced.”

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