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Futuristic Forbes International Tower to run entirely on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier system

by | Jul 3, 2023

A newly signed Memorandum of Understanding between Magnom Properties, energy management and automation business Schneider Electric, and hydrogen generation and energy storage solutions company H2-Enterprises will see the Forbes International Tower (designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture) becoming the claimed first project in the world to run entirely on a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) system – a technology which allows for H2 to be stored, transported and released cleanly and safely.

Using H2-Enterprises’s technology, the proposed building will be capable of producing clean hydrogen from previously non-recyclable plastics and other organic wastes. This will then be used as feedstock for its energy production, with Schneider Electric’ undertaking all energy management tasks.

At present, the Forbes International Tower is planned in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The proposed system seeks to accelerate the zero carbon emission targets of the project.

“By leveraging clean hydrogen technology, the Forbes International Tower exemplifies Schneider Electric’s vision of Electricity 4.0 and our commitment to achieving net-zero buildings through decarbonization of energy supply,” said Amel Chadli, vice president of digital energy & software, Schneider Electric Middle East & Africa. “This landmark project redefines the way we power and shape the built environment in the Middle East and Africa.”

“The MoU marks the transition towards a zero-emission electrification of real estate, powered by hydrogen derived from LOHC,” added Michael Stusch, executive chairman and CEO of H2-Enterprises. “Embracing this innovative technology in future ready buildings across the globe will expedite the transition to a sustainable future.”

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