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Germany to Join H2Med Hydrogen Pipeline Project

by | Jan 24, 2023

On Sunday’s 60th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty, Germany was announced as a participant in the new H2Med pipeline project between Spain, Portugal, and France. This pipeline, situated beneath the Mediterranean Sea, will supply around 10% of the European Union’s hydrogen demand by 2030 through the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis and renewable energy sources. 

The Spanish government anticipates H2Med will generate approximately two million metric tons of hydrogen each year. This is part of a greater effort from Europe to reduce its reliance on Russian energy and switch to a more sustainable form of fuel. 

After their meeting in Paris, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron concurred on intensifying investments in renewable and low-carbon energies, as well as agreeing to an advisory working group for the end of April 2023. The purpose of this working group will be to craft a strategy for the progress of hydrogen development. Both Scholz and Macron acknowledged that a great technological advance could only be accomplished with a joint effort, with Scholz emphasizing that “hydrogen should be available in large quantities and at affordable prices as the gas of the future.”

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