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HPS has developed a new and better hydrogen-based electricity storage system

by | Nov 3, 2023

Home Power Solutions (HPS) the German company, has improved its previous design and has developed a new Picea system. This is a hydrogen-based electricity storing solution for residential applications, which has surplus power.

The new Picea 15kw system operates off of surplus power which is provided to it from a PV installation which produces hydrogen via electrolysis. The system offers 1,500 kWh of storage capacity, and the company stated that the system output has been doubled since the previous model, in order to meet the higher demand for power, caused by the growth electric cars and heat pumps.

The other benefits of this new model, include the decreased weight, which means that the new system is 70% lighter, plus the height is shorter, meaning it can be installed easily and in a wider variety of areas, including low-ceiling rooms. Finally, the device also includes new, more efficient power electronics.

Another excellent advantage of these new systems is their ability to provide seasonal storage for solar power. During summer, an integrated electrolyser utilises the excess energy generated by the PV system to produce green hydrogen. This green hydrogen is stored within the unit. Whereas, in winter this electrolysis process flips and almost runs backwards. This process involves the hydrogen being converted back into electricity, but this time in fuel cell mode.

The HPS Home Power Solutions CEO, Zeyad Abul-Ella, commented, “Our growth strategy is to reach the market together with installation companies as quickly as possible. With all the improvements, especially those that make the installation process easier, we have created important conditions for long-term partnerships.”

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