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Hyundai Motor completes construction of hydrogen fuel cell plant

by | Jun 6, 2023

According to the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing plant located in Guangzhou, China has been completed by Hyundai Motor as part of the OEM’s global hydrogen strategy. Production operations have begun and Hyundai estimates that the site will produce up to 6,500, 100kW fuel cell systems each year.

The majority of the systems produced at Hyundai’s first overseas fuel cell system plant will be used within the OEM’s Nexo hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Hyundai’s recently established site is set out over 207,000 square meters, and fuel cells manufactured there will also be supplied to automotive OEMs in China for use within hydrogen-powered vehicle systems, and for potential use in power generation fuel cell systems of the future.

A completion ceremony was held for the so-called HTWO Guangzhou facility, attended by Lee Ok-Heon, director of hydrogen economy policy at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy who commented, “The completion of Hyundai Motor’s fuel cell manufacturing plant and the local supply of fuel cell systems are significant events symbolizing the cooperation between Korean and Chinese companies in the hydrogen economy.”

One of Hyundai Motor’s representatives added, “We are currently exploring avenues to sell to local automakers first, as Hyundai Motor does not currently produce a hydrogen car in China.”

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