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Hyzon Motors completes factory acceptance testing of single-stack 200kW Fuel Cell System

by | Jul 13, 2023

Hyzon Motors, a developer of hydrogen trucks and high-power hydrogen fuel cell technology has successfully completed factory acceptance testing of its first nine single-stack 200kW Fuel Cell System (FCS) B-samples at its production and innovation center in Illinois, USA. The company remains on track to begin the manufacturing and commercialization of its FCS in 2024.

Completion of factory acceptance testing validates the design, equipment and operating procedures of the 200kW FCS B-samples. This is vital to the final tooling and production of C-samples and the planned commercialization of the FCS. 

At present, Hyzon is installing additional full and semi-automation equipment within its assembly and inspection processes to increase the rate at which the company can manufacture its FCS. Furthermore, Hyzon anticipates that the “continued standardization of design around the 200kW FCS powertrain components will expedite production”, with the remaining 16 B-samples estimated to be complete and the production of C-samples to start in Q3/4 of 2023.

When compared to current industry standards, Hyzon’s single-stack 200kW FCS claims to deliver a multitude of advantages. With the majority of FCEV suppliers achieving 200kW output by coupling two ~110kW FCSs, Hyzon has worked on the development of its own material, design and equipment engineering to achieve a 200kW output from a single stack.

“Our goal is to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing hydrogen fuel cells to power zero-emission mobility,” said Parker Meeks, chief executive officer, Hyzon. “In our view, this milestone reflects Hyzon’s years of leadership in developing hydrogen fuel cell technology, and this important step toward full-scale 200kW FCS production demonstrates exciting progress toward the commercialization of our single stack design.”

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