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Lhyfe to use VSB energies green hydrogen production site for long term renewable electricity supply

by | Sep 8, 2023

In 2021 VSB built the Buleon wind farm which is situated in the Morbihan region in Brittany France and produces a total capacity of 13.2MW. Now Lhyfe Bretagen’s green and renewable hydrogen production site is being built in Buleon, the plant will produce up to 2 tonnes of hydrogen per day. It will have an installed capacity of 5MW and will be operational in late 2023.

VSB and Lyfe have signed a 16-year contract which states that Lhyfe will have use of 100% of the green electricity produced by VSB and will be able to use the electricity in the industrial and mobility sectors.

Mael Lagarde, Managing Director and Owner of VSB Energies Nouvelles, viewed the new partnership in a very positive light, “We are really in a virtuous circle here and in win-win mode. Supply a hydrogen production facility helps to create green energy while providing an answer to the intermittency of wind turbines and the need for storage. We are really entering a new stage of energy transition here.”

This agreement is a really strong step forwards and Lhyfe have said that they intend to continue moving in this positive direction as the company will continue to strengthen its network of renewable electricity supply partners. The company’s intentions is to secure a local and long-term supply of green electricity for the production of its green and renewable hydrogen.

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