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Mitsubishi will host validation testing for HydrogenPro electrolysers which have just entered full-scale operation

by | Sep 22, 2023

The HydrogenPro electrolysers, which are located at the Takasago Hydrogen Park in Japan, have entered full-scale operation and are now producing hydrogen.

Mitsubishi have confirmed that the electrolysers will produce hydrogen which will be used in validation tests at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI’s) Machinery Works in Hyogo Prefecture. Mitsubishi says that the aim of these tests will be to validate hydrogen co-firing and firing of 100% gas turbines at the park.

The electrolysers are manufactured by HydrogenPro and run on a liquid alkaline solution. The alkaline electrolysers have a production capacity of 1,100Nm3/hr will supply the hydrogen for the validation tests, resulting in a total of 39,000Nm3/hr of storage being used on the site.

T-Point 2 combined cycle plant is where the tests will be set up, where a Mitsubishi Power J-Series Air-Cooled (JAC) large frame gas turbine (450MW class), as well as a H-25 (40MW class) gas turbine will be used. Hydrogen produced from the electrolysers will test 30% hydrogen co-firing, which will power the grid connected JAC gas turbine.

Mitsubishi has also already taken the next step and has previously provided its gas turbines for hydrogen operations globally. They have also shown they plan to make hydrogen a central part of their focus for their business as in July (2023), after it delivered two M501JAC hydrogen-ready turbines to the Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Renewed in Delta, Utah, US, with plans to have these plants running on a 30% hydrogen blend from 2025.

The next steps for Mitsubishi revolve around developing hydrogen production technologies, such as solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) and methane pyrolysis. They also plan to perform validation and verification tests to allow these technologies to be put to use at the Takasago Hydrogen Park with the aim to achieve commercialization.

These advancements within the power sector for hydrogen are excellent developments and highlight how seriously Mitsubishi are focusing on taking a more sustainable approach towards providing power for their industry.

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