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MOL’s pure water for hydrogen generation project selected for Shiga Prefecture subsidy program

by | Aug 7, 2023

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has revealed an initiative which will see the company working on the development of a pure water production system for hydrogen generation – proposed jointly by Kyushu University Professor Takeshi Shinoda and Taiyo Sangyo, and chosen for the Shiga Prefecture subsidy program.

As part of the project, MOL is promoting the Wind Hunter Project, a zero-emission vessel that harnesses offshore wind energy to produce hydrogen from water onboard, before converting it into propulsion for vessels. The production process begins with seawater being purified by passing it through a filter to remove impurities including organic matter, inorganic matter and general sludge. The filters that are currently used, however, need to be replaced frequently.

Each of the parties involved will work to develop high performance filters that are capable of removing impurities – including bacteria – with a view to manufacturing a more advanced pure water production system.

By developing efficient onboard technology, the Wind Hunter project will contribute towards large zero-emission, hydrogen-powered ships becoming a reality. The pure water production system will also be designed for fresh water following a lake-based demonstration test. The technology can then be used to supply pure water to hydrogen production plants as well as for sea-going vessels.

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