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Monte signs definitive purchase agreement with ZeroAvia for hydrogen-electric engines

by | Jun 22, 2023

Building on an already existing Memorandum of Understanding, Monte has now formed a definitive Purchase Agreement with ZeroAvia for up to 100 of the company’s hydrogen-electric engines. The deal marks a commercial milestone for ZeroAvia as it represents the first ZA600 powertrain build slots being secured.

Under the agreement, Monte and ZeroAvia will work in collaboration to retrofit 9 to 19 seat aircraft with the zero emission, 600kW ZA600 powertrains for operators within the sector, beginning in 2025. The duo will also offer financing, infrastructure, maintenance and hydrogen availability services to these airline companies.

At present, ZeroAvia is working to certify the ZA600 with the Cessna Grand Caravan, the airframe which the company plans to use upon launch. The first phase of prototype flight testing is nearing completion, with ZeroAvia on target to meet its 2025 certification timeline. 

“We are delighted to have formalized our partnership with ZeroAvia, who have made incredible progress on the ZA600 powertrain since we signed our initial MOU,” said Timothy Eyre, chief operating officer, MONTE. “Through this partnership, we have strengthened MONTE’s position in the zero-emission, regional turboprop market and enhanced our ability to offer operators solutions to decarbonize their fleets. We look forward to continuing our work with the ZeroAvia team as we continue on our journey to become one of the world’s first zero-emission aircraft lessors.”

James Peck, chief customer officer, ZeroAvia, added, “As well as the huge technical and design milestones we are clearing, in tandem we are making enormous commercial progress, which means that operators will be able to fly lower cost, truly clean aircraft, sooner. Given its pure play focus on decarbonization, MONTE is a great partner for us and we believe they will be at the forefront of enabling these early green operations in a growing market.”

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