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New Swedish hydrogen refuelling station to be constructed by Nilsson Energy

by | Jan 26, 2024

Nilsson Energy has announced that the construction of the green hydrogen refuelling station is now underway. The station will only produce green hydrogen and it will be based in Nykvarn, Sweden.

The new station is expected to be commissioned by the summer of 2024 and it will offer an estimated production rate of 1,500kg of hydrogen every day. To make this possible, the Swedish Energy Agency, who have seen promise in the project, agreed to fund it in full.

This is not Nilsson’s first or only hydrogen project, in fact alongside this project, the company is also operating a project which is focused on creating and developing a hydrogen refuelling station. This station will be based at Port 6 in the Port of Gothenburg.

The Head of Projects at Nilsson Energy, Marlin Ehrle, who has been involved in this project for two years, spoke about how the site is expected to be ready by June. Ehrle commented, “When the groundwork is complete, installation and commissioning of all equipment begins. If everything goes as planned, the first customer will be able to fill up with hydrogen later this summer.”

Chairman of the Nykvarn municipal board, Anders Önbäck, mentioned, “I look forward to following the development of this hydrogen filling station and how it will contribute to shaping our society’s sustainable future.”

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