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TECO 2030 launches new marine and heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell

by | Oct 13, 2023

For the past 30 months TECO 2030, based in Norway, have been developing the FCM400 which is said to be the most power dense marine and heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell module.

The innovative fuel cell has already gained its Approval in Principal (AiP) from DNV and now that it has been launched by TECO 2030 on the 13th of October 2023, it is currently undergoing the type approval process to ensure it is suitable for maritime and heavy-duty applications.

The fuel cell is an incredible breakthrough and TECO already have impressive intentions for it, stating that the new system “has the lowest footprint on the market when calculating power output per unit volume. There is no other supplier of similar energy density for marine and heavy-duty applications.” The fuel cell has been designed with the ability to respond rapidly to changes in the power demand, which is an area that holds a lot of importance within the mobility and grid applications sector. TECO also stated that that device has graphite bipolar plates in order to reduce the effects of corrosion whilst it is in operation in marine environments.

The Group CEO of TECO 2030, Tore Enger, commented, “I am proud to elaborate on our world-leading fuel cell technology on AVL’s 75th anniversary and showcase our FCM400 which is currently at their premises in Graz, Austria. Our fuel cell isn’t just resilient; it is practically invincible and can be used for whatever high-power application needed. The system is easily scalable in power increments of 400kW, and can be utilised in multimegawatt power source applications.”

The company’s previous projects include the conversion of an 18.600DWT tanker ship to enable it to operate on a 2.4 MW hydrogen fuel cell system with Shell, Blom Maritime, Umoe Advanced Composites and others. This project occurred in December of 2022, portraying that TECO 2023 is an experienced company and their fuel cell could be the breakthrough the maritime industry requires.

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