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The Net Zero Technology Centre has been awarded £200,000 by the Scottish Government to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen exports from Scotland to Germany

by | Oct 27, 2023

After a report from the NET Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) suggested that a purpose-built marine pipeline could mean that the UK nation would meet 10% of Europe’s hydrogen import demand by the mid-2030s. The Scottish Government awarded the NZTC £200,000 to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen exports from Scotland to Germany.

NZTC’s plan is to use the funding it has been provided with to begin research around analysing and integrating previous work, plus European projects, with the aim of demonstrating the feasibility and economic opportunity of exporting hydrogen to Germany. The project will commence with the hope that the results will prove positive and will solidify the case for infrastructure investment.

If the results do come back positive, the aim for this research project is to show and outline the benefits an integrated pan-North Sea offshore hydrogen pipeline network would bring, as it would be designed to use the north-west Europe’s offshore wind resource. Another aim for this research is to provide an estimate of green hydrogen production from Scottish hubs and compare this figure to the industrial demand in Germany.

The final aim for this research would be to push for investments in pipelines and other hydrogen infrastructure in Scottish and German waters, which would aim to match overseas hydrogen demand. This part of the research would lead to the Government’s aim to build a hydrogen economy.

Provided that the hydrogen industry, remains aligned with Scotland’s Hydrogen Action Plan, the Government suggests that the development of a successful hydrogen economy would be able to sustain 70,000 to more than 300,000 jobs, with potential DVA impacts of between £5-25bn annually by 2045.

The Director of Energy Transition at NZTC, Martin Tulloch, commented, “Analysis from the International Energy Agency shows that Scotland has vast potential for green hydrogen production from offshore wind. This funding marks a significant step forward in strengthening cross-border ties and will position Scotland and Germany at the heart of an integrated North Sea pipeline system. This innovative project is helping accelerate efforts to create a greener, more prosperous economy and reach Net Zero.”

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