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Toyota-backed project to introduce biogas-derived hydrogen production equipment in Thailand

by | Jul 3, 2023

The Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho) and Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha (Mitsubishi Kakoki) have unveiled plans to introduce biogas-derived hydrogen production equipment for the very first time in Thailand.

The plans outlined by the trio will see Mitsubishi Kakoki manufacturing the hydrogen production equipment before installing it in Thailand in November 2023. The hydrogen which will be produced will be from biogas derived from the country’s chicken manure and food waste industries.

Through a collaborative effort, both Toyota and Toyota Tsusho will work on the development, construction and implementation of an entire system that can compress, store and transport biogas and hydrogen. The pair will also establish an operating system.

Working jointly with local partners, the trio will hold discussions to optimize the design of the equipment to best suit local conditions. Additionally, the newly designed system will also be used alongside other initiatives which seek to produce, transport, store and use hydrogen.

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