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ZeroAvia and Masdar to jointly evaluate hydrogen production and supply opportunities

by | Aug 25, 2023

A partnership agreement has been signed between ZeroAvia and Masdar – a UAE renewable energy company – to evaluate hydrogen production and supply opportunities in key areas.

To begin with, the pair will focus on projects in North America and Europe, while also exploring the feasibility of establishing clean flight operations in the United Arab Emirates.

By 2030, Masdar aims to produce 1 million tons of green hydrogen production per year to position itself as a global green hydrogen leader. It aims to achieve this by way of a smart first mover approach, by developing and investing in strategic projects and building scalable platforms in key regions.

At present, Masdar’s Green Hydrogen division is already involved in major aviation projects targeting the production of green hydrogen. By working in collaboration, the duo aims to power the world’s first hydrogen-powered commercial flights.

The UAE is targeting 1.4 million tons of hydrogen production annually by 2031 and estimates that this could increase to 15 million tons by 2050. Over the past few years, Masdar has signed several global collaboration agreements to advance the country’s green hydrogen economy.

By the end of the decade, ZeroAvia seeks to refuel onboard aircraft tanks for up to 90-seat aircraft at commercial airports. Approximately 1 ton of hydrogen will be required for each aircraft for each short regional flight. The fuel will be produced using a zero-emission process that utilizes renewable electricity.

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