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26 Apr 2024

A 20MW green hydrogen project that will start to decarbonise mining in Chile is being planned

A 20MW green hydrogen project that will start to decarbonise mining in Chile is being planned

A partnership between H2 Green Mining and Ohmium has been set up, with the intention to begin the planning and development of a project which will help Chile to begin decarbonising their mining operations. The agreement has set out specific targets and roles for each company and for the project as a whole.

The agreement makes it clear that the companies will plan and create a 20Mw green hydrogen pilot project, that will have the potential to expand and scale-up to 200MW. This project will be based in northern Chile, due to the fact that this region is ideal and suitable for renewable energy production. The project plans to function off of renewable energy, which is created through both solar and wind power.

The hydrogen that is generated, will be created from the use of Ohmium’s PEM electrolysers and this hydrogen will be used for the copper smelting process, along with other thermal processes that occur within the mines. The other potential for this hydrogen is for it to be put to use within the transport industry, such as to fuel the trucks that will be used when the mining companies require minerals to be transferred to Mejilones, the nearby port.

Ohmium CEO, Arne Ballantine, commented, “H2 Green Mining is leading the way in transforming the copper mining sector for a sustainable future.”

Founding Partner in Star Energy Partners and former CEO of CAP, Gasco and ENAP, Julio Bertrand, added, “H2 Green Mining has an exciting roadmap for the future, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Ohmium to leverage the power of fossil-free energy and help decarbonise Chile’s copper mining industry.”


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