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09 May 2024

Everfuel will use a pipeline to deliver 10,000 tonnes of hydrogen to a German customer

Everfuel will use a pipeline to deliver 10,000 tonnes of hydrogen to a German customer

It was recently agreed that Everfuel will be supplying 10,000 tonnes of green hydrogen every year from 2028. This order is intended for an unnamed German customer.

Along with this agreement, a Letter of Intent (LoI) has been created and this states that the initial supply amount should be the same as the hydrogen output from a 100MW electrolyser, which is operationally optimised.

The German customer, once the hydrogen has been delivered, has outlined plans to decarbonise industrial processes and to increase the amount of green hydrogen being consumed, as this project progresses.

The LoI that has been created, is the official mark of the first steps towards establishing a final commercial agreement between the two parties involved in this. At the moment, this final agreement is awaiting approval on a few factors. These factors include, ‘the establishment of a Denmark – Germany hydrogen pipeline infrastructure connecting Everfuel’s production facility with the customer.’

Founder and CEO of Everfuel, Jacob Krogsgaard, commented, “On April 5, 2024, the Danish Government announced that it is willing to take [the] majority of the investment risk of the Danish hydrogen backbone if market participants provide sufficient commitment. Today’s agreement is a cross-border confirmation of the willingness from Everfuel and its partner to show such a commitment. Everfuel’s indication of capacity reservation included a significant commitment, which also includes the German industrial off-taker, and is showing Everfuel’s dedication to making large-scale green hydrogen production and distribution happen.”


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