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07 Jun 2024

Fusion Fuel will help an Iberian hospital to use hydrogen for power through capturing oxygen

Fusion Fuel will help an Iberian hospital to use hydrogen for power through capturing oxygen

A new agreement has been formed between Fusion Fuel and an Iberian hospital. This agreement will involve Fusion Fuel supplying the Iberian hospital with its 100kW HEVO electrolyser, so that the hospital can capture by-product and utilise its capabilities for power.

The hospital revealed that its plan with this technology is to capture the green oxygen, which is created as a by-product of the electrolysis process. This green oxygen’s use will be dedicated to medical applications and then they will use the green hydrogen generated, as a way to produce emissions-free power for the facility.

At the moment this plan is already underway, as the company has started to use its oxygen capture system. Operating the system so early became possible once they decided to use it for a pilot project, earlier this year, for a client who was part of the cement industry.

Alongside the agreement around the electrolyser, the contract will also involve the creation of an R&D workstream, which has been cleverly designed to develop and test new materials for the Gas Diffusion Layer and Porous Transport Layer. This task will be completed with the use of Fusion Fuel’s HEVO micro-electrolyser technology. The expectation of this R&D engagement, is that it will contribute to additional technology and equipment supply revenue, once the project has gone beyond the initial 100kW system stage.

Fusion Fuel’s CEO, Frederico Figueira de Chaves, stated that, ‘the project marks the company’s first inroads into a new industry segment.’

He continued, “It’s also interesting to note that the primary driver of this opportunity is to secure the supply of medical-grade green oxygen for use at the facility. This technology provides a unique way for industrial and medical customers to produce efficient and environmentally friendly green hydrogen, while also creating a cost-effective way to capture high-purity green oxygen.”


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