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12 Apr 2024

HVS’ heavy-duty trucks to be included in White Logistics fleet operations

HVS’ heavy-duty trucks to be included in White Logistics fleet operations

White Logistics has agreed to include trucks supplied by Hydrogen Vehicle Systems’ (HVS) within its fleet, on a trial basis. The purpose of this will be for White Logistics to explore the use of the trucks within its fleet and to decide if they would be a good and effective method of helping White Logistics to decarbonise.

The plan for this trial run, is for the HGVs to be added into White Logistics fleet, which currently contains more than one hundred and fifty delivery vehicles and trailers. White Logistics is doing this, because their aim to decarbonise could be achieved through the use of these vehicles. They are a company who focus on providing warehouse, storage and logistics solutions to other companies.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been created around this project and the terms of this agreement include, that White Logistics are able to collaborate with HVS on any and all aspects of hydrogen electric vehicle technology. It also states that White Logistics can collaborate on parts of the project that involve infrastructure and refuelling equipment. The company is also able to share operational data, so that trial introductions can be successful.

Along with the partnership between HVS and White Logistic, HVS recently achieved a significant milestone. The company has been running test trials on their HGVs and during these test trials they found that their vehicles are able to tow a trailer at the high-speed track at UTAC, located in Milbrook. This is an excellent step forwards and it shows that their trucks are extremely well-designed and very useful, whilst also being good for the environment.

White Logistics’ CEO, Graeme White, spoke about how proud the company is of its “modern fleet that is optimised for mileage and environmental efficiencies whilst always meeting the needs of [its] customers.” He also said, “We are exploring the latest developments in alternative fuels and are very excited about working with HVS to understand how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will support us in our Net Zero ambitions.”

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at HVS, John McLeister, commented on the company’s plans for progressing to the next part of their plan. This next step will involve the company collaborating with its customers. He mentioned, “We will complete our test programme, move through the various phases of testing and work closely with Mannok and the rest of our customers to implement, what we called, our transition to zero programme. That is an opportunity for us to showcase the capability of our business. So, we will have the truck that has been tested and then sent to a number of our customers to conduct their normal daily duty cycle with normal loads.” McLeister continued, “I want to see unmistakably zero emissions, unmistakably HVS.”


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