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17 May 2024

Hyting has created a heating solution which is powered by hydrogen

Hyting has created a heating solution which is powered by hydrogen

The innovative heating system which has been created by Hyting, is an air heating system that operates through turning hydrogen and oxygen from air into heat.

Hyting has put a lot of thought and development into this system and the finished product has a modular, scalable design which has been purposefully developed with the intention for it to be suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Hyting has also ensured that its output has a range of 10 to 300kW and the system requires the hydrogen to be supplied at the same pressures that natural gas would be supplied at, which is an estimated 1.5bar. This ensures that the system does not require the ability to store hydrogen, consequently removing the issue of needing a storage unit, which is often costly and energy-intensive. The design of the system is highly efficient and it is able to generate 37.4kW of heat energy from 1kg of hydrogen. Furthermore, the company has also made it possible for the system to work alongside a heat pump, meaning it would be able to create a hybrid and a Co2-free heating system. This would make the system capable of overcoming the issues within a sector that produces 15% of global carbon emissions.

Right now, the product is in the stage at which the prototypes are being tested and the next stage will be for the first customer trials to begin in Germany by the end of 2024.

It has been stated that the company has “simplified the use of hydrogen by using flameless oxidation to generate heat.” So far, it is clear that the systems catalytic process is regarded as safe, carbon-free and the only by-product it produces is water, making the system highly efficient.

HYTING founder, Tim Hannig, has said he believes that ‘hydrogen has the potential to contribute to the decarbonisation of the building sector. “We’re preparing our technology for the first customer trials, with the ambition to quickly scale to volume production within the next two years.”’


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