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05 Apr 2024

ITOCHU and Amogy have agreed to explore ammonia cracking technology onboard a vessel

ITOCHU and Amogy have agreed to explore ammonia cracking technology onboard a vessel

A new agreement has been formed between Amogy and ITOCHU over the exploration of potential use of ammonia cracking technology onboard ITOCHU’s vessels.

The progress that has been made so far, demonstrates that the modularised system which has been created can successfully transform liquid ammonia into electrical power. The system is able to do this through cracking the ammonia into both hydrogen and nitrogen, its base elements. Once this has occurred, the hydrogen is funnelled into a fuel cell that will then be used for efficient electricity generation and this will be put into practise whilst it is onboard the vessel.

This project was created through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and under this same MoU, it has been agreed that ITOCHU will investigate the opportunities for the implementation of Amogy’s technology. This investigation will be dedicated to discovering whether or not it will be possible to install Amogy’s technology onboard ITOCHU’s owned, chartered and operated vessels.

The next steps for this project once suitable vessels have been selected, will be for these vessels to be either retrofitted or newly designed. It has been suggested by both companies that the next steps following this will be to look into exploring other initiatives, including ammonia bunkering projects, equipment utilisation and finally, they will look into collaborations for ammonia supply.

CEO at Amogy, Seonghoon Woo, commented, “This collaboration marks a significant step towards exploring sustainable energy solutions for the maritime industry. Together, we aim to drive innovation and contribute to a greener future.”

It has been stated that, ‘The two will specifically focus on integrating Amogy’s ammonia cracking technology to provide “low-cost, accessible green hydrogen” feedstock as an input to produce e-fuels for Infinium.’


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