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07 Jun 2024

Luxfer Gas Cylinders introduces an innovation in gas containment with an advanced hydrogen transportation system that maximizes efficiency

Luxfer Gas Cylinders introduces an innovation in gas containment with an advanced hydrogen transportation system that maximizes efficiency

G-Stor® Hydrosphere launched at the World Hydrogen Summit


NOTTINGHAM, U.K – 04 June 2024 – Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a division of Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE: LXFR), has cemented its position as a world leader in gas containment solutions with the introduction of the G-Stor® Hydrosphere, a cutting-edge collection of Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGCs) set to revolutionize how businesses can harness the power of hydrogen.  


Developed to support the safe and sustainable transportation of hydrogen via virtual gas pipelines, the high-capacity G-Stor® Hydrosphere range, which was launched during the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, will help extend access to the clean gas as the hydrogen economy continues to gather pace.


Offering maximum capacity and energy delivery, the G-Stor® Hydrosphere range draws on Luxfer's trusted Type 4 (G-Stor® Go H2) cylinder technology. Available in 20-ft and 40-ft units, the MEGCs overcome infrastructure barriers currently facing the hydrogen supply chain by effectively allowing over 1 ton of hydrogen to be stored and transported. By maximizing payload, it provides the best price per kilogram of hydrogen.


Nick Herbert, Sales and Marketing Director of Luxfer Gas Cylinders Europe, explains the significance of the innovation: “We believe this product range is revolutionary for the transportation of hydrogen. By using our G-Stor® Go Type 4 cylinders, which have a larger diameter, less cylinders are required to store the gas compared to other models on the market. That means our customers benefit from more efficient use of carbon fiber and reduced road weight, improving gas transportation efficiency.


“We strongly believe that this virtual pipeline solution will truly make a difference to enabling the adoption of cleaner fuel.”


With standardized filling and discharge couplings, exemplary safety features (including the suitability for use in the UK, Europe and other regions), an unlimited service life with periodic inspection, the design completed in conjunction with ISO 668, a cylinder approval to EN 17339, and an approval to ADR 6.8, the G-Stor® Hydrosphere range ensures effortless and safe usage.


Herbert adds: “For the potential of hydrogen to be truly realized, we need better infrastructure. Our work on virtual gas pipelines is instrumental in connecting the dots between hydrogen producers, transport and storage suppliers and consumption outlets. The launch of our G-Stor® Hydrosphere range is a milestone towards the wider adoption of sustainable energy.”


The G-Stor® Hydrosphere range will be manufactured at Luxfer’s new purpose-built production facility at its Nottingham, UK, base.


To learn more about G-Stor® Hydrosphere visit


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