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23 Feb 2024

A plan for a new hydrogen-powered vessel that will rely on a 2MW Swiss production plant has been planned for 2025

A plan for a new hydrogen-powered vessel that will rely on a 2MW Swiss production plant has been planned for 2025

A new collaboration has begun between Axpo and Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV). This partnership will focus on producing a hydrogen-powered passenger vessel.

This partnership began at the same time that Axpo started a new participation in the H2Uri company in Bürglen, central Switzerland. This location is expecting a new hydrogen production plant, which will be operational in 2025. This plant is intended to support the hydrogen-powered vessel, through the use of locally produced hydrogen. Preparatory work has already started for the plant in Bürglen and it is on track to be operational by 2025. It is anticipated to have a production capacity of 260 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, plus a capacity of 2MW.

In order to ensure the creation and development of this plant goes as swiftly and efficiently as possible, Shiptech AG, the Swiss shipbuilders have taken on the responsibility of planning, authorisation and conversion of the vessel. Stefan Schulthess, the Managing Director or SGV, has predicted that the ship will be operational and ready to sail on Lake Lucerne by Autumn of 2025.

Several other companies are involved in this project, such as EWA-energiUri and AVIA Schätzle, plus it has been provided with support by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

So far, each element of this project has gone well, as in 2023, Axpo saw its 350-tonnes-per-year facility, which is located in the Domat/Ems region of Switzerland, break ground, which is an excellent step forwards for this project. Alongside this, it has been said by Alexander Streitzig, the Executive Board Member of AVIA Schätzle that a refuelling station has been planned for Uri. This station will be created due to the company’s aim to grow and expand its energy source portfolio, through adding green hydrogen. Finally, Axpo has announced their plan of creating a 15MW hydrogen production plant, which will be based in Wildegg-Brugg, located in the canton of Aargau, in Switzerland. This project is being set up, whilst Axpo simultaneously works on their projects being developed in Italy, France and Iceland.

Axpo CEO, Christoph Brand, commented, “Even if hydrogen is still a young technology, the project shows there is also potential for the targeted use of green hydrogen in Switzerland.”


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