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03 May 2024

Plug Power has been awarded an electrolyser certification

Plug Power has been awarded an electrolyser certification

The first international safety and performance certification in South Korea, has been awarded to Plug Power. This company has received this certification due to the PEM electrolyser they have manufactured.

It was KGS who awarded the Standard AH271 to Plug Power for Facility/Technical/Inspection Code for Manufacture of Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator. It has been made clear that this excellent achievement was made possible through Plug Power’s collaboration with SK E&S, the SK Plug HyVerse project. The purpose behind this joint venture is to encourage the supply and localisation of PEM electrolysers for green hydrogen projects.

Now that Plug Power has had its EX425D electrolyser certified, it will be able to commercially sell the system in multiple places throughout the Korean market. This EX425D electrolyser is a 1MW PEM electrolyser, which is able to produce 425kg of hydrogen on a daily basis.

Along with the certification of the previously mentioned electrolyser, the Korean Gas Safety (KGS) Corporation also approved Plug Power’s Rochester Gigafactory, which is based in the US, for electrolyser stack production. KGS also approved Plug Power’s partner Alpha ECC’s manufacturing facility, which is located in Vietnam and is dedicated to the production and assembly of a variety of systems.

Plug’s CEO, Andy Marsh, said that ‘the certification will support decarbonisation goals in Korea. “As the first company to receive this certification and over five decades of operational expertise backing our PEM stack technology, we are in a unique position as the first mover for PEM electrolysers in the Korean market.”’


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