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24 May 2024

A study for a hydrogen hub has begun at Atlanta airport

A study for a hydrogen hub has begun at Atlanta airport

Plug Power has announced that they are involved in a new partnership that is focusing on studying the feasibility of a hydrogen hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), which is based within the US.  

ATL’s role in this study, will be to provide the airport layout plan and organisation, plus they will also be responsible for sharing any and all updates about the future developments and findings to do with this project. It has been made clear that this project will be part of the Airbus’ “Hydrogen Hub at Airports” programme. This programme has already made agreements with their pre-established partners, which include the UK, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and South Korea, plus a variety of others.

Plug Power will be responsible for supplying expertise within the study when it comes to providing hydrogen production knowledge. They have been awarded this role, due to their position as a leader in providing equipment solutions for this particular sector. It is expected that this study will be completed by the end of 2026.

Before this study commenced, Plug Power followed the path that Airbus, Delta Air Lines and ATL created and they started the preliminary study earlier this year. The company decided to do this, in order to help define the infrastructure, operational viability, safety and security requirements which would be required to implement hydrogen as a suitable fuel for aircraft operations.

Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh, commented, “The potential to decarbonise aviation with green hydrogen is substantial. We have a ready-made supply of green hydrogen to support the airport from our new Woodbine, Georgia, production plant, the largest green hydrogen plant in the US.”

Airbus’ ZEROe Hydrogen Ecosystem Vice-President, Karine Guénan, mentioned, “The US has easy and massive access to additional renewable energies to produce green hydrogen, and airports are looking for a diverse and balanced energy mix to help reduce the impact of aviation on the environment. Hydrogen is a key enabler for this. The journey to prepare airport infrastructure to support hydrogen and low carbon aviation begins on the ground with studies like this one, working with pioneer players like Delta, Plug and the world’s busiest airport.”


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