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19 Apr 2024

Sunfire will perform the FEED study on a 500MW alkaline electrolyser project

Sunfire will perform the FEED study on a 500MW alkaline electrolyser project

It has been announced that Sunfire has been chosen to conduct a front-end engineering and design (FEED) study for a 5000MW hydrogen project. This project will be based in Europe and it is scheduled to begin operations in 2028.

The agreement states that Sunfire will be responsible for deciding on and setting out operational parameters, site requirements, as well as execution guidelines which include integration partners (EPCs). All of these will be applicable to the pressurised alkaline electrolyser project. The project will run off of renewable power, that will be supplied to it through the form of solar and wind infrastructure.

It was stated that the German electrolyser manufacturer, will support the currently unnamed European developer and through doing this, they will allow it to take a “transparent, comprehensive financial investment decision (FID) for the project.”

Back in August of 2023, Sunfire revealed that they had secured a contract, allowing them to supply a European refinery with a 100MW pressurised alkaline electrolyser. Within this order, the purchase of power supply units was made, along with ten Sunfire models and each of these models would have a capacity of 10MW.

Sunfire CEO, Nils Aldag, commented that, Europe is at the “forefront of adopting green hydrogen solutions. We are seeing the first 100MW projects reaching their FIDs. As larger-scale projects like this 500MW initiative emerge, Sunfire reaffirms its commitment to providing reliable industrial electrolyser technology, capable of facilitating transformative projects” He continued, “With the projects we are bringing to life this year, we are building a strategic and efficient partner network – gaining the experience that will enable us to deliver electrolysis systems scaled up to several hundreds of megawatts.”


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